Dental Sedation

If you are nervous about your dental treatment then we are able to offer IV sedation. Fear of dental treatment can be so overwhelming and we want to make our patients feel as comfortable as we can. Dental sedation does not put you asleep, you are awake throughout the whole procedure and still able to communicate, it does, however, put you in a deeply relaxed state. Sedation is often a great option for people who need extensive dental treatment where you need to be in the dental chair for a longer appointment. IV sedation can be used for nearly all dental procedures from fillings to dental implants.

If you are interested in dental sedation then please get in contact to discuss this with us.


Benefits of Sedation at La Perla Clinic

  • We provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere

  • You are able to have multiple dental treatments in one sitting

  • Sedation makes you feel more relaxed during treatment

  • Quick recovery time

  • You are awake during treatment

  • Sedation is a great option for nervous patients