Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is carried out using a diode laser hair removal machine. At La Perla Clinic we have one of the few, very advanced laser systems that will work on all skin types. The procedure is easy, fast and pain-free. A free initial consultation and patch test is required a week before any laser hair removal treatments sessions. Laser hair removal is perfect for anyone looking for long-term, silky-smooth results.

Treatment Information:

You will first have to book in for a free consultation and patch test at least a week before any laser hair removal treatment. At your first consultation, we will assess if laser hair removal is right for you and we will predict how many sessions you will need to get your desired results.
You are required to shave the treatment area at least a few hours before. Do not remove your hair any other way than shaving (waxing/plucking/threading/hair removal cream) as this will make treatment unsuccessful because the light needs to penetrate the hair follicle.
The average amount of sessions is usually 6 with 3-4 week intervals. This can vary between different skin types, hair coarseness, areas and medical conditions.

Marlow laser hair removal
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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Permanent hair reduction

  • Pain-free

  • Quick and easy

  • Cost effective

  • Convenient

  • Can be done anywhere on the body

  • Makes holidays stress free

  • Treats PCOS hair growth

  • Reduce ingrowing hairs

  • Saves time

  • No more painful waxing

  • Environmentally friendly