Laser hair removal is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments. If you have unwanted hair then here are so many benefits to having this treatment done. If you have ever considered having laser hair removal then take a look at these 10 reasons below.

1. Laser hair removal is cost-effective in the long run compared to other hair removal techniques.

2. It is virtually pain-free unlike threading, epilating and waxing…ouch!

3. Laser hair removal eradicates ingrown hairs because it targets the hair follicle permanently reducing its ability to regrow hair. 

4. You never have to panic that you haven’t shaved!

5. It’s a good way of getting rid of extra hair growth due to medical conditions like PCOS.

6. Laser hair removal can increase your self-confidence. If you’re always concerned about your top lip then do something about it.

7. Hair can be removed from almost anywhere on the body.

8. Laser hair removal is perfect for deep, dark, thick hairs.

9. Having your hair permanently removed makes getting ready so much quicker.


10. No more stubble……say hello to forever smooth legs!

Imagine never having to worry about your bikini line, hairy back, top lip or stubbly legs again! If these reasons have you convinced then get yourself booked in for a patch test.



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Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal should not be painful. If you do experience any pain then we will stop immediately. You might feel the odd twinge but it will not hurt. We will use numbing cream on extra sensitive areas.

How many sessions will I need for laser hair removal?

This depends on your hair type and how well you react to the treatment. We will be able to give you a rough idea during your free patch test appointment. The average person will need around 6 sessions.

Should I shave before laser hair removal?

Yes, you will need to shave at least a few hours before your appointment. Please do not use any other form of hair removal prior to your appointment.

How long does laser hair removal last?

This varies depending on your hair type and how well you react to the treatment. Most people will need to have a yearly top-up treatment.