Jet Your Skin

Beautiful technology, Outstanding results.

Utilizing the healing powers of water and oxygen to achieve smoother, more hydrated and healthier skin, La Perla Clinic in Marlow, are proud to be the first in the UK to launch the Jet Peel Hydro-Dermabrasion system.

It works by using a highly pressurized oxygen jet to accelerate sterilized water at a supersonic rate, through a hand held fine nozzle. It is sure to give you the best skin exfoliation and skin plumping you have ever had and most importantly it is chemical and crystal free. To purchase this system contact Cross Medical


Clinical Director of La Perla Clinic speaking as the Product Specialist at the launch of the JetPeel system in Dublin.

Treatment for Psoriasis

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Jet Peel can you be used to treat a variety of conditions. We provide a very effective acne treatment. It is probably the best psoriasis treatment which is not medication based. Fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and scar tissue are all routinely helped, smoothed and modified using this novel technology. Psoriasis and Rosecia are particularly difficult to treat conditions which seem to respond well in a large number of cases to the Jet Peel Therapy.


Treatment Plan Time
Jetamin Extended lymphatic drainage followed by Vitamin Infusion or substance delivery

– Cost per session £40

20 Min
Basic Lymphatic drainage, appropriate dermabrasion & oxygen therapy

– Cost per session £70

45 Min
Delux A combination of the above two treatments plus Dead Sea Spa Magic collagen masque or other appropriate masques and finished off with treatment for hands. This treatment may include the unique CO2 therapy

– Cost per session £100

60 Min


How does it work

Here is a short video describing the basic aspects of the technology.


And here are just some of the many before and after pictures, with a small selection of treatments this technology is used for:

Before After
Hair loss
Fine lines and spots