Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser Laser Hair Removal Marlow & High Wycombe

Laser Facts

– Diode Laser is currently the most effective Laser Hair removal technology
– It is relatively painless
– Dermatologists recommend this system as it prevents folliculitis aka. ingrown hairs
– Sessions usually last no more than 20 minutes per area
– Safe and effective for ALL skin types

IPL is NOT laser – La Perla is one of the very few sites in Buckinghamshire which has the latest Diode Laser system.
– Generic Laser systems are not Diode Laser – which is clinically shown to be the most effective for Hair Removal
– In most cases results are permanent
– Special package price includes consultation and patch testing
– Full back treatment in only 30 minutes


ALL skin types:

One of the few, very advanced laser systems that works on all skin types. The procedure is fast and pain free. An initial consultation and patch test is always required and this is free of charge. Please see call the reception for more details.

Now Affordable

Affordable treatment prices mean Laser technology could signal the end of traditional treatments such as waxing, electrolysis and shaving, for both men and women. Please see Special Offers page for the best current deals. Don’t Lose OUT on the Launch Offer

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