Dental Care

Dental health is a matter of lifelong concern. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to your overall health and appearance. The aim of modern preventive dentistry is to keep your teeth as healthy and as long as possible.

We offer two types of Treatment Plans. We can also help you join or process your dental claim through most major dental insurance companies.

The LPC Dental Plan

Most advanced private dental care at is now affordable:

Full comprehensive dental check up only £20.60

Full Dental Hygienist Session £49

You can book your first appointment here Book OnLine to enjoy these prices, Please book your first appointment by either booking online or call us on 01628 488 499

All of this from just £13 per month.

Denplan Care

Over 1.8 million patients nationwide already choose Denplan as the solution to manage their oral health.

Once on Denplan, which is paid for by a fixed monthly fee, you receive all your normal high quality Private dental care without further fees to the dentist. All your routine examinations and X-rays, preventive advice, gum treatment (with the hygienist where appropriate) and fillings are covered. Work involving a dental technician (crowns, dentures, for example) is also covered but you pay the technician’s laboratory charges.

If you are already a Denplan patient at another clinic and find it more convenient to visit us, we can help you transfer your plan to us at no cost, for further information get in contact with us.