Frequently Asked Questions

Is teeth whitening really safe?

Years of teeth whitening treatments by Dental Offices have proven that performed by a competent professional, it is safe. If directions for use are followed, home application is also safe. If problems such as teeth sensitivity or gum irritations are experienced, the frequency of use should be reduced from every day to every other day. Some people experience mild to moderate teeth sensitivity however, it normally subsides quickly following completion of treatment. Always consult your dentist or Hygienist before for this treatment.

Do my children get free dental care at La Perla?

We are not funded by the local PCT, despite our efforts. As such, we cannot offer free dental care for people who would normally qualify as fee exempt. However for Children whose parents are registered with us, we have special rates: Up to the age of five, Dental Check ups are free. From the age of six till twelve years old we have a reduced Check up fee of only £10. Older children are seen at our normal adult rates.

Is La Perla Clinic an NHS dental site?

NO. We are not funded by the local PCT. If you are concerned about the cost of private treatment there are several Dental Plans available at La Perla Clinic. While providing the highest quality of Dental Care, we are hugely competitive. Our full comprehensive dental check up costs only £25 or even less at just £18 if you Book Here

Why do I need to visit the Hygienist? My dentist does the scale & polish:

Regular hygienist visit is the best way to protect your gums. Remember: if you have a problem with a tooth, at worst, you may loose it. If you have problems with your gums, you may loose all your teeth. A full hygienist visit takes approximately 30 minutes as apposed to the quick scaling by your dentist. A full Hygiene Therapy session, performed by a qualified Hygienist, is NOT the same as a quick scale and polish by the dentist

I am with Denplan, can I transfer my registration to La Perla?

Certainly, please phone the clinic and the reception will help you with the relevant forms.

Please see below some informative videos you may find useful.

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